Group Stage – First Round


Short Review after the 1st Round.

Group A ODDS

Well, that was unexpected! Russia with 2 wins from two matches, topping the group, was just one of the many surprises at this World Cup. Egypt, one of the favorites see their work cut out now and Uruguay seems like the other team to qualify. This will be an interesting tournament for Group A. The hosting nation has the best chance to meet Spain or Portugal in the next round, should the surprises stop here.

Group B ODDS

Tabel---Group-BCan we say that Cristiano Ronaldo is the Man of the Tournament, disregarding the future fixtures? I mean, scoring three times against Furia Roja and practically carrying the team on his shoulders should be enough. Even though the Europeans tied and Iran is the shocking leader of Group B, both Spain and Portugal should qualify without worries here.

Group C ODDS

Tabel---Group-CThis is the dullest group so far. No surprises, no eyebrows raised. Australia and Peru are no match for France and Denmark and the derby of the group will clearly be the confrontation between the teams from Europe. In the next round we have Denmark-Australia and France-Peru, so in the last games of the Group Stage we should see at work the players that haven’t had the chance to play yet.

Group D ODDS

Tabel---Group-DWith Ronaldo shining in Group B, all the pressure was on Messi’s shoulders to prove that he can at least match that performance. We all saw the missed penalty and what followed. The truth is, with Iceland in the Group no one is safe. Croatia should win it, the 2nd spot being still open.

Group E ODDS

Tabel---Group-EAnother stunner as Brazil ended up in a draw against Switzerland. Neymar annoyed a whole nation and everybody is waiting to see how they play against Costa Rica now. Maybe it will be a breath of fresh air as Costa Rica shouldn’t be a big bump in the road. The main event in this round will be Serbia-Switzerland.

Group F ODDS

Tabel---Group-FTalking about great shockers, Mexico blew our minds away with the 1-0 victory against the reigning champions Germany. The match was entertaining, but the Germans are not worried. 2 wins against Sweden and South Korea and they are back on track. Let’s see if they succeed.

Group G ODDS

Tabel---Group-GEverybody’s happy here. Belgium defeated Panama 3-0, Kane defeated Tunisia 2-1 and everything is good to go. Belgium shouldn’t have any problems against Tunisia in the next match and Panama will be no match for England, if we follow the odds right now. Two other European teams that have their eyes on the Trophy, but there is still a long way!

Group H ODDS

Tabel---Group-HEverything is upside down here. The favorites are on the last two places, while Senegal and Japan top the group after two beautiful matches. Anything can happen here and we might even see some more surprises along the way. We can say anything but not that this World Cup is not interesting.

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