Safe gambling is the key


What is safe online gambling? How many ways to keep yourself safe from gambling problems are there? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself and find answers to before you even think of trying online gambling.


The internet, the media, and some people tend to generalize and blacklist the industry completely and make out sports betting and casino gambling to be completely wrong for you, but that’s not always the case.


It can be bad for you if you don’t remember to practice responsible  gambling and consistently make bad choices. But if you use it for the right reasons (having fun instead of making a profit) and keep it in check and constantly reassess the situation you should have no problems with it. 


So the short answer to “is gambling safe?” is it’s just as harmless as all things if done right and just as harmful as all things if done poorly; measure and good decisions are key.

Let’s figure out together how everything works, answer to “is online gambling legal and safe?” and understand what you need to do to have a great sports betting experience with zero issues.


What Is Safe Online Gambling?

Something that you should understand is that safe online gambling doesn’t just apply to the players, but to the industry as a whole - players, online casinos, and even affiliates. It takes different forms depending on which of these three pillars it concerns: 


  • For players - it’s all about betting only what you can afford to lose and having fun, not getting caught up in winning and letting it take over other areas of your life. 
  • For online casino sites - it’s about not scamming players and being as transparent, fair, and legal as can be. 
  • For affiliates - it’s about educating players and also about only promoting the most trusted casino sites and not any illegal or scam casinos. Plus, providing players with the resources needed to solve any issues related to gambling. 


It’s important that you realize if your gambling has become a problem. To do so you must figure out if you have done/are doing any of these things:


  • You spend more money/time than you can afford to lose
  • You gamble more to cut your losses
  • You lie about the amount of money/time you spend gambling
  • You don’t hang out as much with your friends and family and spend all your free time gambling
  • You are only able to think about gambling
  • You gamble all of your money away until there are no more funds left to gamble
  • You only get excited about betting when you up the stake
  • You borrow money from friends, family and even loan sharks to use it to bet more
  • You lie/steal/cheat/commit fraud to get money to keep betting


If you tick any of these boxes you need to look into getting help.  BeGambleAware is a website where you can take a quiz that can help you identify any problems and learn how o take action. They offer advice and the right resources to tackle any issues. Their helpline works 24 hours a day for free and confidentially.


You can also check out GamCare for free information, advice, and support. They offer many services from self-help tools to live chat with professionals and treatment. 


Bookmakers also have several self-help tools that will ensure that you gamble responsibly and are always safe. You can implement them right away and they will help you along the way. Here are the tools you have at your disposal:

  • Deposit Limits

You have the option to select a maximum amount to deposit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you reach the auto-imposed limit and try to deposit more, your transaction will be declined. You will only be able to raise the limit after a 24 or 48-hour cooling-off period. 


Make sure you go over your finances and settle on a budget for entertainment purposes that should last you the whole month, one that doesn’t impose on any necessities. You can deposit on pay day and then make no other deposits until the next pay day.


To answer another frequent question about deposits and betting: “am I safe using my card on gambling sites?”, the answer is yes because online casinos and bookmakers have state-of-the-art SSL encryption which protects your personal and financial data. 

  • Cooling Off Period

The ‘cooling-off period’ is just like temporarily freezing your debit card if you’ve lost it instead of canceling it. 


If you have neglected other aspects of your life and want to take a break and get into the right mindset again, a cooling-off period might be exactly what you need.


The option will block you and won’t allow you to make bets for a certain period of time. When the period ends you can access your account again. If in the meantime you miss it too much or are confused maybe you should take a longer break and reassess. 

  • Self-exclusion

For some, a short break is enough, but others might need more. Self-exclusion is a long-term break that’s usually between 6 months and it’s non-reversible. You will be unable to access your account until the set time frame is over. 


Are Gambling Websites Safe? How Can I Tell?

Those of you who are thinking about “is it safe to sign up to gambling sites?” should know that while here on our website every bookmaker you find is legal and trusted, out “in the wild” you will see some that are unsafe.


The great news is that spotting the unsafe bookmakers and online casinos isn’t hard and we’ve outlined some things to look out for so that you know what sites to avoid and where it’s ok to bet. 


Discerning unsafe casinos don’t have to be a very complicated process and when you know which casinos to avoid, it’s easier to figure out which ones are safe. 

These are the things that no trusted bookmaker will ever do: 

  • Change terms often or while a promo is ongoing

Shaddy bookmakers might sometimes change their terms without giving you any prior notification and they can even do so in order to prove that a customer did something wrong so that they do not have to pay him. 


To be safe you should check the terms and conditions before you make an account and every time you’re considering claiming an offer. Also, if you pick the bookmakers that we promote you shouldn’t have any issues, but you should still read the terms and conditions.

  • Forced Bonuses

Some untrustworthy bookmakers might try to force bonuses onto players and grant them without their knowledge. Consequently when a player doesn’t comply with the terms and conditions (often highly exaggerated and overwhelming) the player will lose money.  

  • Not Pay Out

You might find that some bookmakers drag out payment or might not even payout at all. If you see that it’s been a while and your funds still can’t be withdrawn cut your losses and don’t deposit any more. 


If you eventually get a chance to cash out, do it and then close the account. Is there a safe way to gamble at this type of bookmaker? Not really, it’s way safer to pick the right bookmaker to place your sports bets and not have to deal with any sort of issues. 


Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Bookmaker

So, you know what kind of bookmakers to avoid, but here are the things you should check to make sure that the site you will make your bets on is safe and legal. Here are things that are crucial for the best betting experience online:

  • License - the bookmaker should have a license that works for your jurisdiction
  • SSL encryption - this protects your financial and personal information 
  • Reputation/responsibility/transparency - information should be easy to find, they should take responsibility if they ever mess up, and make sure that you are safe at all times to maintain a good reputation
  • Payment methods - the process of making deposits and withdrawals should be really comfortable which means few steps, many payment methods, seamless experience. 
  • Payment limits and time-frames - you should find minimum withdrawals as low as possible and maximum limits as high as possible, while the entire process should happen in no time.
  • Promotions - many different types of promotions should be available and their terms and conditions should be non-predatory.
  • Customer support - being able to get help as soon as possible non-stop is key to a good experience.
  • Accessibility - you should be able to bet on a mobile and user-friendly platform.

If there’s something you really should take away from this text is that responsible gambling is crucial and you should always make sure that you are safe. 


If you’re wondering how safe is your gambling GamCare’s test is a great tool to use as you might figure out if you have a gambling problem or if there’s something you can improve on or take measures. Stay safe, always!