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There are many strategies regarding betting, but most punters prefer to bet only on today’s football matches. On, we provide the best football prices for every game and for the ones scheduled on the same day, we have the designated area called Football Odds Today.


Football Betting Odds Today

As punters, we like to place a bet because of the thrill it gives us while watching our favourite team, for example. That is why, in most cases, people prefer making a wager on today's football matches.


This comes with some advantages on both sides: the customer and the bookmaker. Of course, having the latest news about the teams in question can make football betting for today’s games more appealing. 


On the other side, bookies have more information about the teams, the weather and so on. That’s why football odds for tonight’s games might be smaller than they were a few days prior.


But don’t sweat too much on this, as we have the best solution for you. BetBrain, being the most efficient odds comparison tool on the market, can help you identify the best odds on football today.


Football Matches Today

When it comes to football, one of the great things is that we can find competitive matches to bet on almost every day of the year. That is why punters don’t like to plan sports bets, and betting on today’s football matches is so popular.


Besides international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, European Championship, Nations League or Copa America, we also have weekly football. For the most part of a year, club football brings the Beautiful Game to millions of houses and pubs everywhere in the world. 


European Football is the most beloved, with its cohort of big names, but it’s not necessarily the only attraction. The main competitions are, however, played on the Old Continent, as you can see in the following list:

When we bet on tonight’s football fixtures, our attention is focused, in general, on the big games. In England, we have different types of derbies. The historical ones, where the relevant Liverpool - Manchester United is top of the list, make for one category.


However, the local ones are more numerous and also, from time to time, more explosive. In London, we have Arsenal - Tottenham, Chelsea - Arsenal or Chelsea - Tottenham, Manchester has the United - City derby, and Birmingham comes with Aston Villa - Birmingham City. 


In Spain, El Clasico puts against each other two of the greatest teams on the planet: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The clash is, maybe, the most famous rivalry in the world. In recent years, Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid has become another main attraction. Smaller local derbies such as FC Sevilla - Betis or FC Barcelona - Espanyol are also pretty attractive for the fans of these teams.


In the Italian Peninsula, the central derby is Inter Milano - Juventus. Also, Napoli against any team in the North of the country makes a lot of noise. Besides this, local clashes like AC Milan - Inter Milano or Lazio - AS Roma are very long-awaited.


In Europe, there are other great rivalries. We can mention PSG - Olympique Marseille in France, Bayern Munchen - Borussia Dortmund in Germany, FC Porto - Benfica in Portugal or Ajax vs Feyenoord or PSV in the Netherlands are only some of them.


It’s worth mentioning a few names from the South-East of Europe, where the atmosphere in the stands is incredible. Games like Red Star Belgrade - Partizan, Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split, Steaua Bucharest - Dinamo or Olympiacos Piraeus - PAOK Salonic should be on every football fan’s radar.


Besides the popularity of the teams involved, the prices we can find at some of these games make the risk worthwhile. 


And since we’re talking about prices, everybody should know that on, we can find the best football betting odds for today. Also, for some matches, we provide a great selection of football tips, which can prove crucial for your profits.


Football Results Today & Fixtures

If you want to check today’s football fixtures, BetBrain is again a great tool. We have all the relevant leagues so that you can find the best odds on football today, regardless of the moment of the day. 


Are you trying to find tonight’s football scores? Look no further, as BetBrain can help you with this too. Besides the best football odds on Today’s football matches, you can also find tonight’s football results, tonight’s football fixtures, top bets offers and free bets from tens of bookmakers, and even betting tips.


If you are looking for a sure bet or a value bet, is the place to go. Regardless of the betting market, we provide the best odds from hundreds of bookmakers. And not only football odds for today’s games, but also for the ones which will kick off tomorrow, in the weekend or weeks from now.


Always gamble responsibly

We know that football provides so much emotion that sometimes we might lose our heads. When we associate the adrenaline that certain football games offer with betting, the combination might be very unhealthy.


If you place money on today’s football matches, every single day, from simple fun everything could take a turn for the worse and you could end up with a compulsive gambling problem. That is why we should be cautious with the way we approach this activity.


First of all, you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Don’t chase your losses and just try another day. Also, don’t bet while intoxicated and try to avoid this activity when you are tired.


So please, bet responsibly and whenever you feel like you cannot stop, ask for help as there are many options to choose from if you need it.