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The most basic betting market out there can also be profitable. With the betting tips 1X2 available on our website, your betting game will step up in no time. Therefore, if you’re finding yourself looking for the 1X2 best tips, here is the place.

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1X2 - Ordinary Time
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icon Middlesbrough FC vs Leeds United

Leeds United at odds -122
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Stake 1 /10 Chance 54.96%
icon Open
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icon Real Mallorca vs Cadiz

Real Mallorca at odds -120
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 54.55%
icon Open
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icon Austin FC vs Los Angeles FC

Austin FC at odds +145
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 40.82%
icon Open
1X2 - 1st Half
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icon Stade Brestois 29 vs Racing Club Strasbourg

Stade Brestois 29 at odds +150
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 40.00%
icon Open

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Won Betting Tips

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icon Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs 1. FSV Mainz 05

Bayer 04 Leverkusen at odds -400
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 80.00%
icon Won
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icon Barnsley FC vs Derby County

Barnsley FC at odds +163
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 38.02%
icon Won
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icon Arsenal vs Newcastle United FC

Arsenal at odds -259
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 72.22%
icon Won
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icon RC Lens vs AS Monaco

AS Monaco at odds +180
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 35.71%
icon Won
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icon Arsenal vs FC Porto

Arsenal at odds -450
Logo {1}
Stake 1 /10 Chance 81.82%
icon Won

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Free 1X2 Tips: Simple can be better

As you might know, the 1X2 market can be seen as the most basic one in the betting field. Despite this, it’s still regarded as the most popular market and one of the most profitable ones.

This happens due to the fact that it only regards one detrimental aspect of the game. And that is the team who wins the event. No other stats are involved, no other scenarios, except for the fact that you will predict which team will win.

Considering this aspect, a lot of bettors have found real success in this market. Therefore, the betting tips 1X2 provided by our experienced users are ready to provide you with profitable predictions, picked after careful consideration, research, and documentation, with the help of our tools.

We consider that this market can also be valuable, considering that it can act as a foundation for an inexperienced bettor to develop his game. As long as you fully understand the concept behind the 1X2 market, chances are you are going to be able to explore other options in no time. Furthermore, our football tips are diverse enough that they can reach bettors looking for all sorts of markets.

On top of that, the betting tips 1X2 can also be used both for prematch predictions and for live ones. In this sense, we are going to take a look at both of these scenarios and see how you can take advantage of the best tips 1X2 in both cases.

Prematch 1X2 Tips

This is where the research and documentation of our betting community will be there to provide you with valuable assistance. Furthermore, one key aspect of this betting market is that it works best when the match you are going to predict is an important event, such as a final or a playoff game.

Imagine you are going to take your chances with the UEFA Champions League final. Naturally, both teams have real chances at winning and the odds can turn out to be profitable either way.

Therefore, after checking out the betting tips 1X2, your bets will be profitable no matter the scenario picked.

Live 1X2 Tips

On the other hand, we have live betting that we have to take into consideration. We all know how important live betting can be for your profits and the fact that as an experienced bettor, this aspect of the betting game should always be important for you.

Therefore, our tipsters are ready to intervene and pick up some profitable 1X2 betting tips for the best live games out there. Therefore, make sure that you always check out our football tips during your favorite matches.

Sunday Football Tips - Strategies 

Another detrimental aspect that can change your betting game considerably is the fact that weekends have the best matches in which you can benefit from the best tips 1X2.

In essence, consider that you can start your betting session in the afternoon, with games going on until midnight.

On top of that, given the big numbers of games, you can even bet in a way in which you are going to have events happening every two hours, so they don’t overlap.

We are aware that there is no apparent reason for the number of games that are played on the weekend. However, imagine football as a sport combat gala.

In every combat sports event, that main event is the last fight of the night. In football, the logic works the same. Every domestic league will schedule its best games on Sundays, given the fact that it’s when most fans are free and can watch the games.

On the other hand, if the best games are going to be played first, the interest in the other fixtures might drop.

Therefore, the betting tips 1X2 will focus heavily on the weekend games, especially the Sunday ones. 

As for betting strategies, you should know that there are multiple ways in which you can apply them to get a better profit at the end of the day. As long as you’re willing to take your chance and try some betting strategies, don’t hesitate to check out the articles in which we are covering all the pieces of information regarding the most popular strategies in the betting field.

1X2 Tips: What other options do we have besides football?

There might be a lot of punters for which football is not the most preferred option when it comes to betting. Therefore, you should know that our tips page works for numerous sports.

On top of that, the filters available on BetBrain are ready to get you to the desired place in no time, making your experience as smooth as possible.

Moreover, the betting tips 1X2 can work for pretty much all sports. There has to be a winner in all sports. Therefore, this market is ready to be your betting companion no matter the circumstances.

To give you a better perspective on the large palette of sports available on our website, we are going to take a look at each one and see how you can take advantage of the finest betting tips out there:


This is another sport that is widely known among bettors all around the world. Furthermore, with impressive tournaments like Wimbledon or Roland Garros being played all over the year, the opportunities will be there for you at all times.


Basketball is for sure one of the most popular sports in the world. Besides NBA, there are a lot of European competitions that might help you in your betting game.

Ice Hockey

On the other hand, ice hockey also provides us with a lot of impressive games all over the year. Therefore, don’t hesitate to check out the ice hockey tips section.

American Football

Last but not least, American football is also quite profitable when it comes to the number of matches being played every day. On top of that, it produces one of the best sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl.

PROs and CONs of the 1X2 Tips

Just like every other aspect of betting, there are some ups and downs for the betting tips 1X2.

In order for you to fully take advantage of these tips, you will have to understand what the advantages and disadvantages look like and how you can take the best from them.

These are the PROs and CONs of the 1X2 tips:


  • Easy to understand 

  • Profitable odds

  • Just three potential outcomes

  • Potential for accumulators


  • If you decide to go for the safest options, the odds might not be that high

  • Not many options

  • Can be hard to determine in important matches 

Gamble Responsible on Football 1X2 Tips

We are aware that a bet once in a while it’s no big deal. However, we must strongly advise you to keep betting in the fun zone.

Furthermore, one detrimental aspect is that you should set up a betting budget before any session, making sure that you won’t overcome it under any circumstances.

Chasing your losses is another huge error that most punters make in their betting sessions. It’s not healthy for your budget and you should not do it no matter what.

Instead, ask for help if you feel like you might need it. It might sound elementary, but it’s the most important step that anyone will have to make in order to resolve this problem.

Here are some organizations that can provide help for those in need:


  • How much profit can you make on football 1X2 tips?

    The amount is proportional to the stake you’re going to place. However, we recommend that the stake should be within your budget limits.

  • Do you provide sure bets among the 1X2 Tips?

    No one can predict the future. However, we are confident in our tipsters’ ability to determine the predictions.

  • Is there any fixed match in the Saturday Football Tips list?

    We are not aware of any fixed match in our Saturday Football Tips.