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The Best Tennis Betting Experience Is on BetBrain

Tennis betting is as popular as ever after the era of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams. With plenty of tennis matches to choose from almost every day of the year, picking the best tennis odds can be a tricky matter. 


And here is where BetBrain comes to the rescue. Being the greatest tennis odds comparison tool on the market, BetBrain can help you enjoy the games and also win some money in the process.


Tennis Betting Odds Explained

The origins of tennis are not precisely known, but it is believed it all started somewhere in the 16th century, in Italian courtyards, where monks played it. It then became popular with the French aristocracy, where the name Real Tennis was coined. 


That is where the tennis term „love” has its origin. It comes from the French word „l’oeuf”, which means „egg”, symbolising „nothing” or a zero.


In England, tennis became popular with the masses, and it was there that the first tennis tournament was played, in 1877, on the Wimbledon lawns. The other Grand Slams quickly established themselves, with the US Open in 1881, the French Open in 1891 and the Australian Open in 1905. 


In recent times, since the sport has become professional and has grown to a fan base of billions, tennis matches betting has become extremely popular. 


Of course, online betting is now the bread and butter of the punters, but the multitude of markets might confuse the beginners. Next, you’ll find the tennis betting odds explained, covering the three main categories.

  • Live Odds for Tennis Matches

The live odds are the most popular out there at the moment, as the odds are quickly shifting and we have the chance to find great prices. Live Betting on Tennis consists of all bets placed during a particular match.


Depending on the bookmaker, we can find a vast number of markets to place our money on. Starting from match-winner, set winner or game-winner, the most popular ones also contain handicaps (on games or sets), total games or total sets and so on. 


Other attractive markets include correct score, winner of the next game or tiebreak in the set/match. Wagers can be placed even on the winner of a certain point or on the possibility of a game going to deuce.


On, we have live tennis scores for matches played all over the world, from the Masters Series or Premier tournaments to Challenger and ITF circuits. Also, you’ll find tennis results of the matches already finished and the schedule for future competitions.

  • Pre-Match Odds for Tennis Matches

This is the oldest category of tennis betting and is still one of the most popular. Besides the most obvious ones, like match winner, handicaps on games or sets and the total number of games or sets, there are other markets to put money on. 


We can try and guess the correct score, or we might bet that there will be a tiebreak in the match. Also, we have the option to combine some bets, like match winner & total games in a set or in the whole match.


Also, Pre-Match Betting on tennis gives us the possibility to place accumulators, not only single bets, like most bookmakers accept when it comes to Live Betting. For example, we can try and guess the winners of three matches and the total number of games for another two. The five odds will be then multiplied with each other, and the final odds will be much bigger.

  • Outright Betting for Tennis Matches

In general, Outright Betting in Tennis consists of bets placed on the outcome of a certain competition. For example, we can try and guess the winner of a tournament before it starts but also after a few rounds have been played. We can also bet on the total of sets, games, aces, double faults in a tournament, or the round a certain player will reach.


In this category, there might be other markets to place a wager, like the position of a player in the rankings at the end of the year, or how many Grand Slams one will win in a calendar year.

Top Tennis Betting Markets 

Compared to other popular sports, tennis betting doesn’t have as many markets, but the rapidity with which tennis betting odds are changing makes this activity very fun. In general, betting on the match winner is the top market, but this is not necessarily the case when it comes to tennis.


Because the discrepancy between two players can make the outcome very obvious, betting on the total games of a match or on the game handicap might be a better choice if we are looking for bigger odds. For example, a game between Novak Djokovic and Dan Evans might come with odds of 1.10 for a Djokovic win. 


Instead of risking on tennis prices like this, we might go for a handicap bet if we think the Serbian player will win many more games in the match than his opponent. And, of course, if you are looking for the best odds on tennis betting, BetBrain is the place to go.


Tennis Matches Fixtures & Results 

Tennis games are played all year long, but the top tours, ATP and WTA, are starting the season on the last days of the year, and they stop at the beginning of November. The tournaments are divided into specific categories, and here we will focus more on the main circuits, ATP and WTA, because Challenger and ITF are not that very popular, and they might be confusing.


The main attractions every year are the four Grand Slams. These are played annually on different surfaces, and they reward the players with the biggest prizes in money and points. In chronological order, this is the list, with the approximate start date and the surface:

Besides these four, the structure of the following tournaments differs for the ATP and WTA tours. For example, the male tour, ATP, has the Masters Series Tournaments, which contains a collection of 9 competitions played in different places throughout the whole year, as follows:

  • Indian Wells (hard, USA);
  • Miami (hard, USA);
  • Monte Carlo (clay, France);
  • Madrid (clay, Spain);
  • Rome (clay, Italy);
  • Toronto/Montreal (hard, Canada);
  • Cincinnati (hard, USA);
  • Shanghai (hard indoor, China);
  • Paris (hard indoor, France);

For the women’s tour, the tournaments next in line after the Grand Slams are divided into two separate categories: Premier Mandatory and Premier. In the Premier Mandatory column, we’ll find the following competitions:

  • Indian Wells (hard, USA);
  • Miami (hard, USA);
  • Madrid (clay, Spain);
  • Beijing (hard, China);

All the fixtures, with the assigned odds for all bookmakers, but also the results of the ATP and WTA, can be found on BetBrain. And that’s not all! The challenger circuit, the ITF and the Davis Cup are also well documented on our website. 


Of course, the most important part: the best online betting tennis odds are right here, as we analyse hundreds of bookmakers to offer you the greatest tennis prices on the market.


Alternatives to Tennis Betting 

Tennis might be one of the most popular sports to watch and bet on, but it’s not the only one. Of course, football has the largest following and football betting is the biggest draw in this market, but basketball is also on the rise.


Ice Hockey is another sport that draws a lot of attention, and betting on NHL and the top European leagues is also increasing in popularity. Handball is also an emergent sport in terms of betting, as is American Football, which started to gain ground also in the European and Asian markets.


Bet on Tennis Responsibly 

Betting needs to be fun and not necessarily money orientated. Of course, we all want to win as much as possible, but the risks associated with this activity are pretty big if things go past a certain limit. That is why we cannot stress enough to keep it simple, play for fun and never invest in betting money you can’t afford to lose. 


Nobody should follow a string of losing bets. Breaks in play should be taken often. Also, don’t ever bet if you are intoxicated in any way or if you are tired, because this can end up in a financial loss for you, which, of course, is not fun. If you feel that betting is becoming a negative presence in your life, just stop! Please gamble responsibly!