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The primary mission of a betting community is to act as a platform where your abilities can shine. Therefore, our team has prepared the finest football tipsters competitions, filled with amazing prizes. Don’t hesitate to show off your betting knowledge is rewarded with our football tipster free competitions now!

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What are the Tipsters Competitions?

As mentioned previously, we must provide you with a platform in which you can show your sports knowledge without having the burden of spending real money.

To give you a better perspective on the concept behind our football tipsters competition, we will look at how it works and what you can do to access the full benefits our team provides.

In essence, a tipster competition is a platform where you can place predictions of all sorts and get some amazing rewards.
Naturally, it works best if you are already an experienced bettor, but it’s not mandatory. You can try your luck and be one of the football tipsters on BetBrain, no matter your experience or preferred betting market.

Also, there are a lot of advantages that you can have if you decide to be part of the best football tipsters on BetBrain.

First of all, you will have the opportunity to test out new betting markets, and new competitions that otherwise would seem like too much of a risk for your budget.

Considering that your tips will not require any real money, you will have the opportunity to trust your instincts and go all the way in.

On top of that, you might discover some really interesting free tips from the other members of our community, that you can try out for real.

Keep in mind that our odds comparison tool is ready to make a difference in your predictions and ensure that you will benefit from the best value available on the market for your bets.

On top of that, the betting offers gathered in our dedicated section will be another massive opportunity for you to try out some of free tips offered by our users.

Therefore, when it comes to football tipsters, you can rest assured. Our community is the place in which you will show off your betting skills like in no other place.

On top of that, later in the article, we are going to take a look at our prizes and how you can take advantage of some amazing and profitable rewards offered by our partners.

The possibilities for you will be limitless. You will be able to place single bets, or even be one of the best acca tipsters out there. Combining more predictions on a single bet is not for everyone, and some bets like this will for sure show your value to our betting community.

Imagine that you now have a platform in which your skills will finally be seen and rewarded as you deserve. Therefore, make sure you check out our competitions and become one of our top football tipsters on BetBrain!

Football Tipsters - Free Tips for Everybody

We are aware that the betting community has a lot of members and the offer for the football tipster competitions has to be diverse, to ensure that everyone will find some suitable choices.

Therefore, we should take a look at some of the competitions that will be covered in our football tipsters. The fact that football has gotten to a point in which the number of competitions available is massive it’s well known. Furthermore, the betting markets that you can try out for the best football matches are going to be diverse enough for every bettor in our community.

The best tipsters should have a larger picture of the choices they are about to have. All things considered, all football fans are aware of some big football competitions in the world. The World Cup, Champions League, or Premier League are already in the eyes of bettors all around the world.

However, there are many other competitions that you can explore if you want to be one of the best football tipsters in our community. Let’s take a look at three most profitable competitions, with impressive teams and a lot of potential:

Europa League

Even though the biggest European competition is the top priority for most of us, many bettors overlook the potential of Europa League.

This season alone, the second-tier European club competition had some amazing teams, that were once at the top of football.

We have seen the likes of Manchester United, Barcelona, Ajax, and Arsenal compete in the Europa League this season and we can see that the opportunities when it comes to betting were definitely there.

Therefore, the Europa League tipsters can be at the top of the list when it comes to our competition.


The pinnacle of German football is usually overlooked, especially since Bayern Munich dominates the league for so much time now.

However, teams are fighting more and more for the top spots and we have seen clubs like Union Berlin or Borussia Dortmund put up a fight for the trophy.

All things considered. being one of the tipsters for Bundesliga will for sure increase your chances of dominating our competitions.


The same concept applies to Dutch first-tier football. Despite Ajax having won pretty much everything in the last few years, we have seen some impressive talents fighting their way to the top of the league.

In this sense, this is another domestic league that might prove to be profitable for your tips. On top of that, the entertainment that it provides us with can for sure unlock some profitable opportunities when it comes to betting markets.

Considering the high-scoring fixtures Eredivisie has, an experienced Over 2.5 tipster can make the most out of this competition.

Best Tipsters Prizes and Rewards

As mentioned previously, we have to reward you for the efforts made and for the knowledge that you are sharing with the other BetBrain users.

Therefore, we have partnered with multiple bookmakers that will have some really profitable prizes for the best tipsters on our platform.

These prizes will come in the form of free bets that you will use in your next betting session, without having to make any deposit.

The football tipsters in our community are making efforts to be as accurate as possible and to provide the other members with profitable tips. Therefore, we deem that prizes and rewards for them are the least we could do.

All things considered, you can rest assured. The best football tipsters will benefit from extra advantages and prizes on our platform. 

A tipster challenge is hard enough. In this sense, we are ready to reward your hard work.

Best Betting Tipsters - NHL, NBA & Other Sports

Our betting community is diverse and we are aware that there might some users who don’t particularly enjoy football. Therefore, football tipsters are not the only bettors who will benefit from all the advantages BetBrain has to offer.

We are ready to provide a platform for all sports fans. This implies that we will cover multiple sports and competitions in our tipster competitions, to make sure that everyone will have the opportunity to impress and get some profitable rewards and prizes.

Therefore, to have a better perspective on the collection available on our website, we are going to take a look at some other competitions and sports that you might try out, even if you are not among the football tipsters.


Basketball stands among the most popular sports in the world. Therefore, it was only natural that we will include the biggest competition in this sport.

An experienced basketball fan can become an NBA tipster on our website and get the chance to show off his knowledge and skill when it comes to this sport.

Diversity is very good for a betting community, and we are devoted to making sure that you will have opportunities, no matter the preferred sport or betting market.

There are few things more popular and impressive than the top level of basketball in the USA. Moreover, you can try your luck even if you are not a basketball expert. Perhaps you will discover a new profitable sport that will be a perfect betting companion, even for a top football tipster.


On the same note, another thriving sport that can act as a perfect betting companion is American football. Their best competition, NFL, provides us with one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Each year, the Super Bowl gets everyone at the edge of their seats for some impressive American football we can witness.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to be an NFL tipster in our community. Chances are you are going to be in for a treat.


With this sport, there are way more competitive tournaments that you can try out in our tipsters' competitions.  With a massive fan base and impressive matches all around the year, a tennis tipster can for sure be among the biggest stars of BetBrain’s community.

To get you a larger picture of the impressive tennis tournaments that we can see across the year, let’s take a look at the most popular ones:



Most Recent Men’s Winner

Most Recent Women’s Winner



Carlos Alcaraz

Marketa Vondrousova

Australian Open


Novak Djokovic

Aryna Sabalenka

French Open


Novak Djokovic

Iga Swiatek

Miami Open


Carlos Alcaraz

Iga Swiatek

US Open


Carlos Alcaraz

Iga Swiatek

Indian Wells


Carlos Alcaraz

Elena Rybakina