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Handball Odds, Fixtures, Results & Tips for you

It's easy and safe to play online! All you need to do is check the data provided by BetBrain.com, including handball results, tips, news, and stats. If you follow our guide about the best handball odds, you indeed have a better chance to make a profit in any competition.

Like any other sport, the more handball matches you follow, the more you know about the teams' style of play. This can have a significant impact on your winnings! Thanks to our specialists, you can now get recommendations based on current form and handball stats. Handball odds include final results, handicap betting and total goals, but the most attractive handball odds are in the LIVE section.

First, you need to know the format of handball matches. All major club competitions are based on a round-robin format. Matches have two halves of 30 minutes each, and each team fields seven players. Like basketball, teams have a specific time frame to keep possession before shooting the target.

When the play is stopped, the clock is also stopped, so time is critical when setting up plays. Handball matches can end in draws, and the odds can be anything from 8.00 to 15.00 for this type of outcome.

The average goal range for handball matches is between 46 and 70, but most matches end in a 50's margin. The weekly calendar is full of matches and handball odds, but now you can use the widgets provided by BetBrain to enhance your wins. All the handball fixtures and betting odds are one click away, so you have everything you need in one place. 

For example, conclusive data about goalscoring time frames show you when specific teams are more efficient. THK Kiel (Germany) tends to keep long possessions in the final 10 minutes of a match when leading, while GOG Handbold (Denmark) and PSG (France) usually score more than six goals in the same period! This handball betting information will help you a lot because Under/Over handball odds are the most profitable markets available on the market. 

Our handball odds comparison will help you take advantage of multiple online accounts with various operators. By using the BetBetain data, you get access to handball odds from hundreds of bookmakers, so you are sure to get the best value for your handball matches. Remember: more accounts mean more bonuses! Also, you can check the daily calendar of fixtures to find the best online betting handball odds in popular matches. 

Don't be afraid to bet on matches involving a big favourite. When a match is not evenly balanced, there is a better chance of high goalscoring numbers because the possessions (attacks) are quicker. Use all the handball predictions and advice our team offers for a whole handball betting experience on your mobile device!

Handball Odds Explained

It's interesting how this sport evolved and how handball odds have increased in popularity in the past two decades. History shows this as being one of the oldest ball games - handball matches have been traced back to the baths of Rome! Played later as a bare-handed game called pelota (in translation "ball") in Spain and France, it was the forerunner of modern jai alai. Handball was later adopted in the British Isles during the 16th century and was called "fives". 

Handball, in its present form, developed in Europe in the 1920s. In its 11-man outdoor version, the game first appeared at the Olympics  in 1936. It was dropped from the Olympics but returned as the 7-man indoor game in 1972. 

Women's team handball became an Olympic sport in 1976. Betting on handball matches wasn't considered a "mainstream activity" until online betting handball odds appeared. 

In the early 2000s, all significant bookmakers worldwide included handball competitions in their offers, so the sport became increasingly popular. Nowadays, you even get handball betting odds and transfer odds and many unique markets, but the regular betting types haven't changed much in the past decade. Of course, knowing your handball odds is vital and placing your bet as soon as possible is critical. 

However, you can always take advantage of handball price swings, so make sure you follow through BetBrain on developing handball betting odds before the start of the event you are interested in.

 In short, to understand the best handball odds, you need to stay clear of public perception and involvement, so always judge your bet based on handball stats and news, not just by price movements. 

The odd changes are a good indicator and can tell if a team has better chances of winning (at least from public perception). But this info will not guarantee a winning bet, as sometimes surprising results happen.

Handball odds are defined by teams of specialists who analyze extensive data to get to a correct value. Handball odds represent what bookmakers think is the probability of an outcome. In other words, handball betting odds are the representation of the probability of a particular market win. 

To understand how a game develops, you need to know that each goal counts for 1 point on the scoresheet. Playing positions for the seven players involved are: goalkeeper, left-wing, left back, middle back, line player, right back and right wing. 

The plays unfold through passing the ball by throwing the ball to another player from the team. Fouls are being sanctioned with free throws (simple pass to a teammate), and, in certain circumstances, a 7-meter throw is awarded. This is the equivalent of a penalty in a football match, but it happens more often during handball matches. Handball betting odds consider these stats as well and the handball prices are calculated with fouls and penalties included.

You can bet on the most famous handball odds:

•            Live handball odds - bets are placed in play with the match already started. The handball odds change quickly, so you might bet on favourites to come back and win after being led. Sometimes, the results can shift at the half-time break.

•          Prematch handball odds - these are the most popular and are settled after the match ends unless the event has run its course in-play: for example, the total number of goals of a team or a player.

•          Outright handball odds - high prices bets based on the competition's winner. Outright betting is betting on a team to win a tournament, not a specific game. For example, for Hungary to win the next World Championship in men's handball will have an attractive price at most bookmakers.

Top Handball Betting Markets Explained

Like football and rugby, handball betting and handball odds revolve around the winning team, and the total number of goals (points) scored. The most popular markets are easy to understand:

Result (1 or 2 to win or a draw at the final whistle)

Handicap (betting on the point difference between teams)

Total Goals (betting Over/Under the line available on offer)

Half-time result (which can also be a draw)

Total Goals at Half-Time (betting Over/Under the line available)

Handball Matches Fixtures, Live Scores & Results

The yearly calendar provides a lot of handball odds and opportunities for handball betting. If you want handball betting odds explained, you need to first look at the value and form of the teams. 

Any big favourite will have an odd of anything between 1.05 and 1.30. Still, to find out which team is sure to score easily against an opponent, you need to check the handball stats and handball predictions offered by our tipsters, who follow handball regularly and provide the best handball betting odds. 

Look at the standings in the competition, check the teams' latest results, and also search for the head-to-head history. Often, a team with a winning record against an opponent has a good chance at a result. 

That is because the team knows which are the weak and strong spots of the opponent, so you will sometimes see average squads beating strong contenders at their own game! So never be surprised by a sports result, even when low handball betting odds are lost. The most important thing to follow is value.

Most handball league competitions start in late summer and end after spring. The Women's World Championship usually takes place in December, and the Men's World Cup is scheduled for January. 

At the beginning of summer, all the major European finals are scheduled, usually within a Final Four format. Handball is most prevalent in Europe but has been gaining a lot of fans in Asia, Africa and South America. 

Handball odds are available from most competitions worldwide, both at the club and international levels. Users can find all the handball live scores, handball results, and handball news within the BetBrain widget, where you also get handball odds recommendations.

How to use Handball Stats

When you look at handball betting odds, you first need to decide what type of bet works best for you. Are you looking for handball tips on full-time results or handball predictions of the total goals line?

It's easier to bet on goals because you don't care about the winning team or handicap, as long as the goal range suits your bet. To determine which match is more favourable for a total goals bet, you need to look at the handball stats provided by our team:

  • how many goals did both teams score in the past five games
  • how busy was the calendar for each of the contenders
  • which team relies more on a top goalscorer (check availability)
  • how many goals were scored in the past five head-to-head matches
  • how are the odds shifting on the goals market (handball odds for the line dropping or going up)

If your favourite type of handball betting odds includes the winning team, then follow the info provided by BetBrain. To determine the chances of correct final results, you should always consider the following:

  • what is the current form of results for both teams
  • what is the league position for both teams, and what is the motivation level
  • how many goals have both teams conceded in the past five games
  • which team has more regular goalscorers
  • what is the head-to-head historical data, and who has an edge
  • if any of the coaches managed the other team, knowing its secrets
  • how are the odds shifting on the FINAL RESULT market (handball odds dropping or going up)

Do you want to know if goal averages are higher when men or women play? We will help you out with an interesting stat. The 2009/10 club and national team season produced an astonishing number of matches and goals. A total of 999 matches were played during that season. 

More than half (558) were men's games, and 441 were women's. The final statistics prove that the home teams defeated the guests by 28.65 to 26.56 on average, taking all official EHF games into account – club competitions, National Team events, qualification games, and Younger Age Category matches. 

Games in 2009/2010 season












National Teams



Youth Age Category




Total men

Average per game

Total women

Average per game











National Teams





Youth Age 





Profitable Alternatives to Handball Betting 

If you like the 2-way markets (events that cannot end in a draw), you might also consider other sports with good value bets. Tennis, Basketball, Ice hockey, Baseball, Volleyball or Snooker could be the alternative. Of course, you will find more markets in the Football offer, at smaller margins for the punters.

 On our website, we provide a complex betting offer, covering the most popular sports out there. We also provide extensive data and news about football odds, tennis odds and basketball odds, to name a few, but it might be best if you stick to your favourite types of competitions and bets.

Remember: Bet on Handball Responsibly

Ensuring the highest possible levels of player safety and protection is the best way to guarantee the betting industry's long-term success. They are committed to helping punters gamble more safely and responsibly and supporting those who need it. 

Exercising control and informed choice ensures that gambling is kept within reasonable limits of money and time, is enjoyable, and is balanced with other activities and responsibilities. 

Also, these safety steps avoid gambling-related harm for those who dangerously pursue this activity. Significant organisations are providing professional help for those in need that suffer from gambling addiction. 

You can reach out to BeGambleAware or Gamble Responsibly to get the support you need in these stressful situations. Remember, these organisations can help, and it's straightforward to get in touch with a specialist who can advise you. Access these platforms to get professional advice:


Best Handball Odds. Who provides them?

Always check BetBrain.com to find out the highest odds on the offer for any market or event with handball betting odds.

How do bookies set odds for handball matches?

Bookmakers follow indicators such as past H2H results, recent forms and injuries. The odds calculation also includes the worldwide stakes on that particular event (or that specific type of handball betting odds).

What are good odds in handball betting?

Also called Value Bets, good odds represent those basketball odds that imply a probability of occurrence bigger than the risk involved. A firm favourite can have handball odds between 1.01 and 1.30. The excellent value handball odds of 1.85 - 1.90 are the goals markets.

Who has the best handball betting odds?

Always check our BetBrain odds comparison tool to determine which team has the most profitable handball odds. The market is very competitive, and all the licensed operators constantly offer better odds than rival companies. Our data covers hundreds of bookmakers and compares the handball odds.