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Come Get Top Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

If there’s one thing that players from all over the world can agree on when it comes to online casino sites it’s the fact that casino bonuses are important and useful, particularly a great welcome bonus to get you started on the right foot. 

If you’re just starting out in the online  gambling world and want to find out as much as possible before diving in, we’re here to help you. We want to teach you everything about welcome bonuses so that you can invest less, risk less, play more and win more when you’re betting on online casino games.


What Is a Welcome Bonus / 1st Deposit Bonus?

Welcome bonuses, also known as 1st deposit bonuses, are the casino offers given to new players when they first register an account and make their very first deposit at an online casino site. 


It is generally a percentage match bonus (100% bonus up to 100£ - you deposit £100 and get an extra £100 so you can play with £200 in total) but can also be a package including several types of bonuses. 


The welcome bonus can only be offered once and only to new players. If you have already deposited at that particular online casino you will no longer be eligible for this kind of online casino bonuses and will have to settle for reload bonuses. 


You can always grab another welcome bonus from a different online casino site. In theory, you can get a welcome bonus from almost every online casino site ever made (you shouldn’t but that’s a different matter). 


Welcome bonus offers can differ based on several things, some might get the high rollers special, some offers might only work for UK players, others may only be given if you deposit with a specific payment method. 


With or without a bonus code required, first deposit bonuses will generally be opt-in required. You will not receive it unless you choose to get it. You will not be forced (assuming it’s a legal, fair, safe, top-rated and licensed online casino) to claim any offer against your will and will not be scammed in any way.


Welcome bonuses can bring you real money winnings. They have a timeframe of 14 days or even a month in which you can fulfill the wagering requirements (which usually are lower than for other types of promotions like no deposit free spins, for example). 


First deposit bonuses may be used on either specific games or even the entire collection, depending on the promotion. They usually have quite high max cashout caps or even no max cashout cap.


One thing is for sure, it’s  imperative that you read the Terms and Conditions of the bonus carefully and thoroughly to see if you agree and think you can come out with a profit after using it. 


Why Is the Welcome Bonus So Popular?

The welcome bonus is the most popular and most used online casino bonus of all time. This is not necessarily because it’s players’ favourite bonus (although it makes the top) but because it’s the bonus that all casinos offer no matter what. 

While technically players prefer no deposit bonuses because they are entirely free and there are zero risks involved, these are a bit too small for most players and there are very few casinos, by comparison, which offer it. 

In most cases, this bonus you come into contact with first after making an account at t a new online casino. It’s the casino’s way of thanking you for becoming a customer and also a great way to get you hooked on their services so they can start transforming you into a loyal customer. 

They are a great way to get your bankroll started and keep building it slowly with fewer risks and better expected rewards. You, of course, still have to get lucky, but i’s a pretty safe bet if you pick the online casino welcome bonus that fits your needs. 


Types of Welcome Bonuses & Packages

There are a lot of different types of welcome bonuses, from the simple sign up bonuses to hefty and extensive welcome packages. Each casino can have its own take on this promotion and while they will all help you theoretically grow your bankroll, some are better than others. Here are the main types of welcome bonuses you can expect: 

  • No Deposit Free Spins or Extra Spins

We could just say free spins as you’ve probably seen them at several casinos and other affiliate websites, but there are two types of “free spins” and only one of them is actually free. 

While very rarely UK online casinos offer free spins with no deposit as a part of their welcome package (these are the truly free ones), most times when you see 50 free spins (more or less) as a first deposit bonus, no matter how small, they are not free, but extra spins since you pay for them, they require a deposit. 

You’ll receive bonus spins on selected games, a single title, a bunch of games from the same software provider or, very rarely, all the slots available at that particular online casino site. 

The winnings from your spins will be credited to your account as bonus money or withdrawable cash, depending on the promotion. 

  • No Deposit Bonus

Just the same as the elusive no deposit free spins, the simple no deposit offer, with free cash, is really hard to come by. Since it’s free and can be used on all types of online casino games (as opposed to the free spins which only work on slot games) this type of offer is very sought after by players. 

You can claim it just by registering an account and maybe going through verification. Remember that even though it doesn’t require a deposit, it will almost always require that you fulfill the wagering requirements (unless otherwise specified in the rare moments when it also has no wagering requirements).

  • Match Bonuses

Match or deposit bonuses are by far the most common type of first deposit bonus. They will boost your first deposit by a certain percentage. It usually goes from 100% to 500%, depending on how generous the online casino is. 

Sometimes it can go lower than 100% but that generally happens for the second or third deposit bonus when part of a bigger welcome package.  

  • 100% Welcome Bonus

The 100% casino bonus is the most common match deposit bonus available for new players. It’s the most common value for reload bonuses as well. A 100% bonus up to a particular sum (could be £100, could be £500, more or less) means that no matter what you deposit up to that set sum, will be doubled. 

If you claim a 100% up to £1000 welcome bonus with a £10 minimum deposit and you only deposit the minimum amount of £10, you will have £20 to play with. 

  • 200% First Deposit Bonus

A 200% casino bonus is the bigger brother of the 100%, bringing you double. Assuming that you would act the same as you did with the previous casino offer and would claim a 200% up to £1000 bonus but only deposit £10, you would have £30 to play with.

  • 300% Welcome Bonus

A 300% casino bonus is where things start to get a bit more complicated. The bonus works the same way, it’s just a little harder to find. Either really popular top-rated established casino sites will offer it or brand new casinos trying to make their way in the gambling industry.

If you grab a 300% bonus and make a first deposit of £10, you will get £30 from the casino, thus you will be able to play your favourite online casino games with £40. 

  • 400% Casino Bonus

Even rarer than the 300% bonus, the 400% deposit bonus will bring you even more bang for your buck. If you were to make a £100 deposit, the casino would give you £400 in casino funds, thus bringing your total to £400. 

The bigger the bonuses get, the smaller the risk is and the more you benefit. The only downside could come from the wagering requirements and the max cashout cap, so pay attention to the T&Cs.

  • 500% Casino Welcome Bonus

This is the rarest of them all and the biggest one we’ve seen this far. With a £100 deposit, the casino will give you five times that amount and make your total £600. That’s quite a hefty sum to receive. And if the maximum bonus amount you can receive is high then this bonus is perfect for high rollers as well.

  • Welcome Package

A welcome package is the kind of cumulative bonus which generally combines a match bonus and some extra spins. It can be just for your first deposit or for the first several deposits (first 3, first 5 etc)

Each of the deposit bonuses can offer something different and can have different minimum deposits, games available, wagering requirements and generally, just different terms and conditions. 

  • Cashback Bonus

Rarely given for your first deposit, but possible, the cashback bonus is a percentage bonus, but it’s not a percentage of your deposit, it’s a percentage on your net losses over a period of time. 

If you made a deposit of £100, played and lost everything but claimed a 20% cashback bonus, you will receive £20 in cash back so that you can cut your losses and maybe have another go at turning it into profit.


Cashable vs. Non-Cashable Casino Welcome Bonuses

This difference is a great example for why it's critical that you read the terms and conditions of any bonus. Cashable bonuses are the offers which allow you to withdraw the bonus amount itself after completing the wagering requirements, non-cashable bonuses are the opposite - you can’t withdraw the bonus amount. 

Let’s say you claim a £100 bonus and you’ve played through it and ended up winning £300 from the bonus. If the bonus is a cashable bonus then you will be able to withdraw £400 (300 + the initial 100). If the bonus is non-cashable then you can only withdraw the £300 you’ve won, without the initial £100 bonus. 


Why Do Online Casinos Offer 1st Deposit Bonuses?

The reason for which you will soon notice that all online casinos offer welcome bonuses is that they hope that you will continue to play there. First off, they need a competitive offer to draw you and other players in so that they will gain more customers.

Secondly, if the bonus is good (and if they have other offers as well) they will keep hitting you with great promotions so that they gain your loyalty. 

These things combined will guarantee that they get more and more customers and that those customers  stick with them for a long time. 


How to Choose the Best First Deposit Bonus

All the options we’ve discussed in this article are amazing, that’s why they’ve been created - to appeal to new players. Each type of welcome bonus comes with ups and downs, with pros and cons. Every single player has different likes and dislikes, needs and wants, so picking a single kind of bonus and saying it’s the best one is impossible.

You need to think about what you want from a bonus and see which one fits with your preferences. If you love playing live casino games with high stakes a no deposit free spins bonus won’t help you. If you love playing slots and are generally quite lucky then a cashback bonus will be useless. 

Classic match casino welcome bonuses are the ones that fit most criteria from the biggest number of players. But you can choose from yourself and, luckily, we have all types of epic welcome offers available on BetBrain so that you can claim one right away from top-rated online casino sites. 

Check out our amazing new casino welcome bonuses collection and pick the ones that have the best potential of getting you started on the right foot!



  • Are welcome casino bonuses worth it?

Theoretically, they are, but it depends on each individual bonus. They are all different and each type comes with pros and cons. Remember to read the terms and conditions for each offer and decide if it’s worth it for you. 

  • Can I win real money using a casino bonus?

Yes, if you claim bonuses only from licensed and regulated online casinos who are legit then no matter what type of bonus you get you will be able to win real money and withdraw it. 

  • What Does No Max Bonus Mean?

It means that there is no max cap on the bonus amount you can receive so no matter how large your deposit is, the casino will match it. If there’s a bonus which offers 100% and no max cap then if you deposit £1000, you will receive £1000 from the casino on top of your deposit. 

  • Can a welcome bonus be claimed on mobile?

Any welcome bonus and any other type of bonus offered by a casino that’s mobile-friendly will be available on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

  • What happens if I withdraw my balance while my welcome bonus is active?

Unfortunately, should you do this, you'll automatically forfeit your entire casino welcome bonus balance.