BetBrain - Terms and Conditions

We are BetBrain, a company that operates the website These terms and conditions are an agreement between you and BetBrain. By accessing our website, you agree with these terms and conditions. It is your responsibility only to understand and accept our terms and conditions and we do not accept any liability for an eventual failure of understanding them.

  1. About Us

1.1 We are GSH Online Media SRL, a company registered in Romania.

1.2 BetBrain is our service and is solely under our management.

1.3 Any questions or comments you might have are to be sent to [email protected]. We only offer customer service in English.

1.4 We do not act as a bookmaker. BetBrain is not responsible for any gambling, betting, or action you will carry with our partners.

  1. Intellectual Property & Copyright Information

2.1 All the content present on this website is the sole property of BetBrain. Therefore, the content is subject to international copyright law.

2.2 The content includes but it’s not limited to words, images, videos, and sounds.

2.3 The content provided by third parties, such as bookmakers’ promotions and offers is not written by our team. Therefore, if the content presented by third parties is proven not to be accurate, it is not our responsibility, and we will not accept any liability for any eventual complaints.

2.4 No person or entity is allowed to copy content from BetBrain without our written approval.

2.5 The arguments provided by customers on their predictions and tips are subject to our interpretation. Therefore, if we decide that it doesn’t align with our terms & conditions, or if it promotes any unlawful language, racism, hate speech, or sexism, we will immediately delete it from the website.

  1. Privacy Policy & Information Sharing

3.1 BetBrain will take all the actions necessary in order to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure. However, if unauthorized access to your computer or server occurs, BetBrain is not held accountable, as the actions will be beyond our control.

3.2 We reserve the right to use your information for marketing purposes.

3.3 We reserve the right to provide your information to law enforcement officers in case it will be necessary.

3.4 For more detail about the privacy policy of BetBrain, don’t hesitate to check our dedicated section.

  1. Third-Party & Liability 

4.1 Our website contains links, promotions, and offers, provided by third-party bookmakers.

4.2 As mentioned previously, we don’t act as a bookmaker. Therefore, we don’t take responsibility for any betting, gambling, or action you will carry with our partners.

4.3 Any transaction between you and a bookmaker that is present on our website is outside our control. Therefore, we don’t take any liability for any eventual problem that might occur.

4.4 You might be required to register on these third-party’s websites. We don’t take any responsibility when it comes to your personal information from that point on.

4.5 The fact that you will see the most profitable odds from the bookmakers present on our website does not imply any recommendation or endorsement on our part.

4.6 Each bookmaker present on our website has its own terms & conditions. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to accept or not those respective terms.

  1. Competition & Prizes

5.1 BetBrain has a tipster competition on the website, in which our community is posting tips and predictions for numerous sports.

5.2 In order to be eligible for the competition, you will have to register on our website, using your e-mail.

5.3 The competition is entirely free, and no money will be asked under any circumstances for participation. If you receive any e-mail or message that says otherwise, contact us immediately. 

5.4 The competition runs with tokens as the stake that you will have to place. You will receive the tokens upon registering on our website.

5.5 The prizes for this competition will be received in the form of free bets on our bookmaker partners’ online platforms.

5.6 We don’t have any responsibility for the usage of those respective free bets that the winners will receive.

5.7 All the customers participating in the competition will have to place an argumentation for each prediction they will place. 

5.8 The argumentation needs to have at least 50 words in order to be eligible.

5.9 The argumentation needs to be genuine and reflect actual points of why that respective prediction is made. Any argumentation that can be regarded as spam or incohesive will be subject to deletion. In the case of multiple scenarios like this, the user’s account will be subject to suspension or termination.

  1. Service Availability & Account Termination

6.1 BetBrain might suspend the service temporarily for updates or web-related problems. In all cases, the service will be back online as soon as possible.

6.2 Any unlawful activity detected on our website is subject to account suspension or termination.

6.3 BetBrain assumes full responsibility when it comes to detecting any unlawful activity present on our website.

  1. General Terms

7.1 BetBrain includes links to external websites and third parties. Our website does this in order to provide you with extra information and data. 

7.2 BetBrain does not take responsibility for the data present on those links or third parties if you deem that is not useful or interesting.

7.3 BetBrain does not act like a bookmaker. We are an odds-comparison website, that provides you with valuable information, such as match previews and articles, a tipster competition, profitable offers, promotions from bookmakers, and other benefits. However, no gambling or betting occurs on BetBrain.

7.4 Registration and usage of any third party is not the responsibility of BetBrain.

7.5 In order to be able to use our services, you have to be at least 18 years.

7.6 Any breach of our terms & conditions will lead to an eventual account suspension or termination.

  1. Bet Responsibly 

8.1 Despite not being a bookmaker or gambling website, BetBrain does all the necessary efforts to stop excessive gambling.

8.2 BetBrain is not responsible for any eventual betting and gambling problem a user might develop.

8.3 BetBrain provides easy access to organizations that can provide professional and anonymous help for gambling addiction.