Best High Roller Casino Bonus & VIP Programs 2023

If you want to take your online gambling up a notch and become a VIP, you should learn more about VIP casinos bonuses. Loyalty is rewarded with highroller casino bonus offers that are significantly greater than most other incentives, and by getting you higher betting limits, larger and faster withdrawals, and other benefits. On this dedicated BetBrain page you will find VIP casinos & extremely useful highroller bonuses. We also continually add new casinos to our list as we evaluate them.

What Is a Highroller Casino Bonus?

A highroller casino bonus is a VIP casino bonus, meaning that only players who join the loyalty program of a casino will be able to attain it. Each tier of the program has its own set of rewards, which only improve as you move up the ranks, and the better promotions are highroller casino bonus offers as you will need to be a highroller who makes larger deposits and gets larger bonuses.

VIP casino loyalty programmes are often based on comp points that players receive when they make a deposit. When you reach a particular number of points, you reach the first VIP level. All programmes have multiple levels, some with three, some with five, and others with seven or more. The larger your deposits are or the more frequently you deposit, the faster your ascension on the ladder will be.

Why Choose a Highroller Casino Bonus?

Obviously, VIP casinos really appreciate players who make high deposits so they will consequently reward them with better incentives than the standard player will receive.

So highrollers who go big at VIP casinos are the casino’s target audience. For the players, the benefits are outstanding, for betting with higher stakes, you will get larger bonuses, special V. I. P prizes, stellar and dedicated customer support, larger limits and many other perks.

As for the dedicated highroller casino bonus offers, they will be high percentage match bonuses, big amounts of no deposit cash, a larger number of free spins or cashback offers.

Also, they will have low wagering requirements (or at least lower than their classic counterparts), a high max cashout or no max cashout limit, bigger bets, a wide variety of games and enough time to wager the bonus.

No matter what bonus you had in mind, highroller casino bonus offers can mimic all of them and is their improved version.

Another super important reason to claim such a deal is that you can improve it further. As a highroller you can negotiate the VIP casinos bonuses you get by talking to your dedicated manager. This means you can increase limits on cashout, lower wagering, extend the deal etc.

How to Earn VIP Status in Online Casino Programs

There are three ways in which you can join a loyalty program and obtain VIP status at an online casino VIP site:

  1. Some VIP casinos welcome all new members to their loyalty club. As soon as you begin placing bets, you will begin collecting points (FPP), and when you reach a specific number of points, you shall be eligible for a special prize. The higher you climb the ladder, the better your bonuses will be.

  2. To become a VIP player at other casinos, you must make a minimum deposit. This is more of a high roller programme, with greater deposits and bets necessary.

  3. There is also a more uncommon alternative for really premium plans. Only high rollers are admitted here by specific invitation, either from other notable players or from the casino directly.

7 Must-Have Benefits of Online Casino VIP Programs

All casinos will try to create enticing VIP programs that everyone will want to join. While there will be some differences between schemes, and each one will have something unique, these are the 7 things that most top-rated casinos offer to highrollers:

  • Exclusive and much better bonuses.

  • Higher withdrawal and/or deposit limits.

  • Faster withdrawal or even instant withdrawal.

  • A personal VIP manager.

  • Regular VIP casino bonuses of all kinds

  • Low playthrough.

  • Invites to exclusive events, trips, or gifts (phones, laptops, cars, jewellery etc). 

5 Expert Tips for Becoming the Ultimate VIP Player

  1. Deposit and play regularly - it doesn’t necessarily have to be large sums of money, but it would help. A player who bets £1,000 per month but plays every day for a year has better chances of joining the loyalty program than one who deposits £3000 once but then rarely returns to the casino site.

  2. Get a recommendation - chances are that your inner circle has people with the same preferences as you, meaning that if you wish to be a VIP then you probably already have a friend who is a VIP player as well. Ask your friend to put in a word for you. If you qualify and get a good word in, your chances of getting the special perks increase.

  3. Chat with customer support - You may contact the team and ask them to let you join. It might not work, but you have nothing to lose, and if it works then you’ve just skipped some steps and got there faster.

  4. Read the terms and conditions - Reading the terms and conditions will tell you exactly what you’ll get and when. This way, you know what you’re getting and also how you can get it. You might even be able to use this information to your advantage to climb the ladder faster.

  5. Study the program - if you understand the limitations and the deadlines you know how to play your strategy - what games to play (at certain times some will give you more points), how much to spend, when to play, what bonuses to claim, when to cash in points so that they don’t expire.

Types of VIP Casino Bonus Offers & VIP Rewards

Casino bonuses for VIP players can differ from one gambling site to the next, but there are many types of VIP casino bonuses that you’re able to claim. Below you will find the most common offers and rewards:

  • Welcome Bonus/Package

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reload Bonus

  • No Deposit Bonus

  • Free Spins Bonus

  • Birthday Bonus

  • Anniversary Gift

Highroller Casino Bonus VS Standard Bonus

The main difference between a highroller casino bonus and a standard one is that you get better odds of winning larger sums of money with the first one.



Larger bonus amount

Low or average bonus amount

Bigger deposits

Small, average or large deposits

Higher winning odds

Regular odds

Wide range of games

A single title or a few games

Lower wagering requirements

Average wagering requirements

Higher max cashout cap

Standard max cashout cap

Conclusion & Recommendations

All VIP casinos are able to design their own loyalty programmes for their clients. While some really go for it, others stick to the fundamentals. This is where we get down to business and determine which of them are best for you.

When determining which are the greatest online casino VIP bonuses, we consider various factors, which you should also analyze before claiming an offer.

The first consideration is the legality and safety of VIP casinos in general. Online casino VIP sites must be registered and regulated, as well as use the most up-to-date SSL encryption.

If you intend to place large bets, win large amounts, and thus withdraw larger sums than most players, you will require an online casino VIP that accepts the appropriate payment methods, does not take long to approve transactions, and allows large withdrawals without dividing them into several small payments.

Games are also essential. If you're a slot player, you'll probably be fine because most online casinos feature a large number of slots, but if you're interested in other types of casino games, you should thoroughly review their game collection.

Last but not least, we urge you to remember to read the terms & conditions thoroughly and play responsibly

We continuously add new online casino VIP sites to our list and many great bonuses, so keep an eye on this page if you wish to be the first to get all the best VIP deals.


  • Who is considered a high roller?

    A player who makes large deposits and big bets.

  • What’s the minimum deposit for a high roller bonus?

    It depends on the gambling site offering the promotion, some will accept even £300, for example, but in most cases it’s around £500 to £1000.

  • Where can I find the best casino bonuses for VIPs?

    Right here on BetBrain. While the best online gambling sites have the best offers, it would take you a long time to check each casino and see what they are offering. On betbrain, you can see all of them at the same time and decide which one you want.

  • Can new players enjoy casino VIP bonus benefits?

    It depends on the terms & conditions of the gambling site, but for some programs it is possible to join from your very first deposit and claim a VIP casino bonus.