Australia Football Odds

Are you ready to adventure in the unknown provided by Australian football leagues? This is quite a journey, but alongside our team of experts, who will guide and support you, you will overcome all the challenges and succeed using our Australia football odds. The following article will discover all aspects of Australia odds and how to put them to work in Australia football fixtures.

Australia Football matches

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Australia Football Odds

Despite Australia being a former English colony and football being introduced and popularised by English citizens, we know and love soccer today. The Australian soccer league system was created in 1977, containing six Australia football leagues.

However, many contain regional or amateur games, thus, we recommend skipping these. Here are the Australia football leagues we recommend betting on: 



Highest-Winning Team

Current Champion



Syndey FC

Central Coast Marines

National Second Division


Sydney United

Wollongong Wolves

Australia Cup


Adelaide United

Macarthur FC


The major event that sparked the evolution of Australia football was the creation of the A-League in 2004. This league replaced the old National Soccer League and improved the tournament structure and more professionalism. This new and improved league motivated many local footballers and international talents to join the Australian first football division.

Another feat that assured Australia football is among the best in the world is that the Australia national team, commonly known as the Socceroos, has qualified for every edition of the World Cup since 2006. 

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All things considered, betting 

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Now that you are in the Australian mood, let’s get to know better some Australia football clubs.

Australia Football Clubs

Although Australian football leagues are unpopular among fans, we must cover this topic as the A-League and The Cup produce exciting fixtures representing fantastic punting opportunities.

Now, without further introductions, here are the most-known clubs from the A-League:

Sydney FC

The 4-time A-League champions, Sydney FC, known by many as The Sky Blues, was founded in 2004 and is one of the most-known Australian clubs. Despite its last finish, which was 4th, its coach, Steve Corica, looks to improve for next season.

Adelaide United

The cup specialist, Adelaide United, is another famous club in Australia. We recommend watching its games, especially at Coopers Stadium, as the atmosphere is thrilling for every viewer.

Central Coast Marines

The current A-League champions are coached by Nick Montgomery and led by Danny Vukovic on the field. You can’t count this club out, as it’s the reigning Australian champion.

Macarthur FC

The current Australian Cup holder, Macarthur FC, managed to captivate our imagination with its exciting run into the Domestic Cup. We expect to see more from them next season!

Melbourne City

Based in Melbourne, in Victoria, Melbourne City has AAMI Park as its home and gathers many fans excited to see them play. You should watch them play as well!

Australia Football League Clubs

We told you Australian football leagues are an exciting prospect to punt on! Wait until you see our Australia football odds! With our bookies offer and odds, your wagers will make profits faster!

Let’s see what clubs play in the second-tier league, the National Second Division. It is mandatory as we don’t want to lose any punting possibility!


State Federation

Adelaide City

South Australia

APIA Leichhardt

New South Wales

Heidelberg United


Marconi Stallions

New South Wales

Melbourne Knights


Sydney Olympic

New South Wales

Sydney United 58

New South Wales

Wollongong Wolves

New South Wales

We told you this is quite a challenge! But alongside BetBrain’s team, you will be successful using our Australia football odds punting on National Second Division.

Australia National Football Team

With six appearances in the FIFA World Cup, this team proved it can stand with the best teams in the world. After watching thrilling Australia World Cup fixtures time and time again, this is a subject we want to treat seriously.

Before covering all Australia national team achievements, we must discuss the players that made these achievements possible.


For our “best goalkeepers” list, we select three names. The more knowledgeable name is Mark Schwarzer, who defended the posts of a few English clubs in the Premier League.




Mark Schwarzer


Marconi Stallions, Middlesbrough, Fulham, Chelsea 

Mark Bosnich


Aston Villa, Manchester United, Chelsea, Sydney Olympic

Zeljko Kalac


Sydney United, Roda JC, Perugia, AC Milan


Middlesbrough has an affinity for Australian defenders, as two of the three names on our list played for them. They are the best Australian defenders ever.





Lucas Neil



Millwall, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham, Everton, Galatasaray

Luke Whilkshire



Middlesbrough, Bristol City, Twente, Dynamo Moscow, Feyenoord

Tony Vidmar



Adelaide City, Rangers, Middlesbrough, Cardiff City, Central Coast Marines


Thankfully, the list of great midfielders who played for Australia is slightly more extensive. Here are your Australian midfielders:





Johnny Warren



Canterbury-Marrickville, St George Budapest

Mark Bresciano



Carlton, Empoli, Parma, Palermo, Lazio, Al Nasr

Jason Culina



Sydney United, Ajax, Twente, PSV

Brett Emerton



Sydney Olympic, Feyenoord, Blackburn Rovers, Sydney FC

Paul Wade



Green Gully, Brunswick Juventus, South Melbourne, Canberra Cosmos

Mile Jedinak



Sydney United, Central Coast Marines, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa

Aurelio Vidmar



Adelaide City, Waregem, Standard Liege, Feyenoord


The Australia national team had some fine talent as its strikers. In the list below, you will find the best attackers who ever played for this team:





Tim Cahill



Millwall, Everton, NY Red Bulls, Melbourne City

Harry Kewell



Leeds United, Liverpool, Galatasaray, Melbourne Victory

Mark Viduka



Melbourne Knights, Dinamo Zagreb, Celtic, Leeds United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle

John Aloisi



Adelaide City, Antwerp, Cremonese, Portsmouth, Osasuna, Alaves, Sydney FC

Archie Thompson



Gippsland Falcons, Carlton SC, Lierse, Melbourne Victory, Murray United

Damian Mori



Melbourne Knights, Adelaide City, Borussia Monchengladbach, Perth Glory, 

Australia World Cup & International History

As previously mentioned, Australia made six showings at the FIFA World Cup. Its best performances were two rounds of 16 runs in 2006 and 2022. Notable Australia World Cup fixtures are the match against Germany at Moses Mabhida Stadium in the 2010 edition and against Chile at Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba, Brazil, in the 2014 edition.

Other impressive achievements of the Australia national team are in the Asian Cup, with four appearances and a win in 2015. 

The OFC Nations Cup is a competition dominated by the Australian national team. It has six showings and four wins. It won this competition in its first show.

The FIFA Confederations Cup is another competition in which the Australia national team showed up well. Its best result came in 1997 when the national team finished second.

After many battles in these competitions, Australia ignited a couple of rivalries. The most notorious one is, of course, against its neighbour, New Zealand. Another heated rivalry started once the Australia national team joined the AFC and met another Asian powerhouse, the Japanese national team.

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Australia Football Fixtures & Games

Ready to take on Australia football leagues? Great, our team is here for you and will provide every tool you need. And, of course, the finest Australia odds won’t be missed from our offer.

To get you prepared, here are the starting dates of the most thrilling tournaments for Australia football:


Starting Date

Ending Date


20 October 2023

20 May 2024

National Second Division

March 2024


Australian Cup

11 March 2023

7 October 2023

We cover every single match from the leagues we recommended previously. From the most heated derbies in the A-League to the lesser-known fixtures in the National Second Division.

Your journey with our Australia football odds will be spectacular! 

Australia Results & Live Scores

At BetBrain, we are devoted to ensuring that you will have all the right tools at your disposal before placing a bet. This is why the Results and Live Scores sections will always be available at the top of the Australia Football page, so you can easily access any information you need.

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Bet on Football Responsibly

Ultimately, we must discuss one essential aspect of punting, always gambling responsibly. This is crucial as gambling addiction is continuously rising, especially in the last few years.

Because we deeply care about your financial and mental health, we urge you to implement some safety measures for your gambling activity. 

First, we recommend installing a betting budget and never crossing it. It will help you not to spend money you can’t afford to lose. It’s instrumental that you follow some crucial steps to ensure excessive gambling won’t be a problem.

Second, avoid chasing losses. If you face a losing betting streak, just stop and look for other activities. It’s never okay to bet while in a bad mood. Instead, focus on betting when you are relatively happy. However, if you feel like dealing with any gambling problem, many professional organisations are here to help. Contact them at:

Don’t wait any more to take matters into your own hands, as this is no joke. Start gambling with a healthy mindset now!


  • Who gives the best football odds?

    Fantastic odds for punting are featured on BetBrain.

  • How do bookies set odds for football?

    Bookmakers do extensive research before giving any kind of odds. They do so as usually, the odds are in great favour of the house.

  • What are good odds in football betting?

    Profitable prices for punters are hard to find. Luckily, you can find them on

  • Who has the best football betting odds?

    BetBrain uses a comparison tool to give its community only the finest football odds in the industry.

  • How do Australia odds compare to other countries' football odds?

    Despite the methodology of determining odds being similar to other countries, involving analysing team performances, player form, head-to-head and injury reports, Australia football odds are unique thanks to the dynamics of its scene.