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Betting on Brazil Odds

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To give you a fitting example of why BetBrain’s widgets are a must for your betting endeavour, we look at the Brazil - Venezuela match from October 12th. Despite the Selecao being favoured by all bookmakers by a significant margin, three crucial players, Vinicius, Richarlison and Neymar, were reportedly caught partying late the day before the match. Combine this with the fact that Venezuela’s defence hadn’t been breached in two games before the match, and the upset scenario is alive.

Bettors who read the Brazil - Venezuela match preview would have been informed about all the details, including the partying tendencies of Brazil’s star players and Venezuela’s strong defence.

Ready to jump into the detailed analysis of Brazil football odds? Let’s go!

Brazil Football Odds

When it comes to Brazilian history regarding this sport, it is regarded that football was introduced in the country by a Scottish immigrant named Thomas Donohoe, with the first Brazil football games being played in 1894 on a pitch drawn by the same Scottish immigrant.

Jumping towards modern times, the current format used by Brazil’s Serie A was established in 1959. Women weren’t allowed to play this sport until 1983, being considered too violent for their abilities. In September 2007, CBF launched the Women’s Association Football League, which introduced a league and a cup competition. Notable merit to this achievement was Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA back then, who pressured the CBF towards achieving this goal.

Returning to the Selecao, the men's Brazil national team is considered one of the best national teams worldwide, winning Copa America in 2019, the Olympic Gold Meda at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, and reaching the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup in 2022. 

Another notable record achieved not too long ago is Neymar, who surpassed Pele as Brazil’s all-time goal scorer. Neymar recently left Europe for Saudi Arabia and scored his 78th and 79th goals in a World Cup qualification game against Bolivia.

Brazilian people love football. It’s no surprise some of the biggest talents came from this country. Moreover, Brazil football games were among the first to return after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We praised both the past and the present of Brazil football. However, we are confident the best is yet to come. With emerging talents like Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo, Vitor Roque and Endrick shocking the football world on a daily basis, Brazil football is a staple.

Now that we have learned about Brazil football fixtures' history and future, it’s time to explore our betting possibilities. We recommend checking the following competitions frequently for your use of our Brazil football odds. They are:



Highest-Winning Team

Current Champion

Serie A




Serie B


Coritiba, Goias, Palmeiras, Paysandu, America Mineiro, Bragantino, Botafogo (2 each)


Serie C


Vila Nova


Copa do Brasil




Supercopa do Brasil





Prepare your betting skills, as we have plenty of options! But betting opportunities are only one of the things we can choose from many options. Brazil is known for its passionate fans who would do anything for their favourites. The question is, what team would you support?

Sit tight as we meet the most famous Brazilian clubs!

Brazil Football Clubs

As mentioned, Brazil football games are packed with talented players and passionate fans. 

Now, without any more introductions, let’s meet the clubs that make us watch Brazilian matches daily and our punting adventure more enjoyable. They are


With over 40 million fans, Flamengo is the most-loved and appreciated among Brazil football leagues. However, Flamengo isn’t successful only in Serie A but in Copa Libertadores, also considered the South American Champions League.  For instance, Flamengo has a record of 96 wins, 35 draws and 37 losses in this competition.


Founded 112 years ago, The People’s Team is reportedly followed by roughly 30 million fans. With a Copa Libertadores, a Copa Sudamericana and two FIFA World Cup titles, this is among the most exciting Brazilian clubs to follow. 

Sao Paulo

Despite an under-average season in 2022, Sao Paulo wants to bounce back and please its fans in 2023. With three Copa Libertadores trophies and six Serie A titles, Sao Paulo can always be considered the best Brazilian club.


The reigning, defending Serie A and Paulista champions, Verdao, looks unstoppable! We are expecting more achievements from them in the 2023 season as well!

Vasco da Gama

The team is named after the famous Portuguese explorer and is among the best in Brazil’s Serie A. With both a Copa Libertadores trophy and a Serie B title, you can never guess this team’s performance. In our opinion, this makes Brazil football games more exciting than any other club.


Coming back with vengeance from Serie B is Cruzeiro. The team is owned in a proportion of 70% by the legendary Ronaldo Nazario. It easily won Serie B and is the current holder for the most Copa do Brasil wins. It’s expected by many experts to make a statement in the 2023 season! 


Founded 119 years ago, the Immortal Tricolor is the second team from our list that was promoted from Serie B. With Arena do Gremio having a capacity of over 55,000 fans, it’s expected to host heated derbies in the 2023 season!


Introducing the 2022 Serie A runner-up, Sport Club Internacional looks to add another Serie A title to its cabinet in 2023. Its last national trophy was back in 1979. However, they are more successful in a Continental competition, namely Copa Libertadores, winning it two times in 2006 and 2010.


The club that raised Neymar, Santos, is very successful, winning Serie A 8 times and Copa do Brasil once. However, despite knowing continental success, with 3 Copa Libertadores prevails, Supercopa do Brasil is missing from Santos’ record. Maybe in 2023, this won’t be the case!

Atletico Mineiro

Atletico Mineiro is another club with tradition. It had a rough period recently, which made the legendary coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari, return from retirement and regain team control. We are going to watch every match of this team for sure!


It plays its home games at Maracana, which is among the biggest and most beautiful stadiums worldwide, Fluminense is striving for continental success. Despite winning Brazil’s Serie A 4 times, Copa Libertadores is missing from its cabinet.


Last in our list but not least, Botafogo was home to many legendary players who eventually won the FIFA World Cup. They are

  • Nilton Santos - 1958, 1962

  • Didi - 1958, 1962

  • Garrincha - 1958, 1962

  • Amarildo - 1962

  • Zagallo - 1962

  • Jairzinho - 1970

  • Paulo Cezar Caju - 1970

  • Roberto Miranda - 1970

It is clear that Botafogo’s “Golden Days” are way back in the mid-20th century. However, it still thrills us with exciting matches and talented players every week, so watching it play is a good decision.

Brazil Football League Clubs

Now that you are familiar with the cream of the crop of Brazilian football leagues, we have to hold a second and look at Brazil’s Serie B, too.

There’s that surprise that two clubs featuring our list above are from Serie B. Brazil is packed with so much excitement and betting possibilities that you will find joy everywhere you look.

If you still need clarification about the Serie B's betting opportunities, here are some notable examples that will blow your mind. Corinthians, one of the most successful Brazilian clubs, was relegated to Serie B in 2007. In the following season, Corinthians quickly secured the promotion and won multiple Serie A titles, Copa Libertadores and even the FIFA World Cup. 

However, Corinthians are not alone in pulling a stellar comeback from Serie B. Palmeiras, who was relegated in both 2007 and again in 2012 and managed to win multiple Serie A and Copa do Brasil titles after their 2013 promotion. 

To further hype the Serie B excitement, we remind you that legendary Brazilian players like Romario and Dentinho stepped on the lands of the second-tier Brazilian football league. Dentinho was instrumental for Corinthians in 2008, while Romario helped Vasco da Gama find its way back to the top despite being past his prime.  

We don’t want you to waste any more time. Thus, Brazilian clubs worth following in Serie B are the following:






Brinco de Ouro


Estadio do Cafe


Jose Maria de Campos Maia

Sampaio Correa


Vila Nova

Onesio Brasileiro Alvarenga

And there are more! Stick close to our team of experts, and we will guide you through Brazil football leagues with success!

An essential topic of discussion is next, the Brazin national team!

Brazil National Football Team

Selecao is the most winning team in the world. It has won five FIFA World Cups, and Brazil World Cup fixtures thrilled every football fan worldwide, even when it lost (1-7 to Germany).

For now, we look closer at what kind of players played for Brazil national team, leaving its astounding achievements for later.


Brazil national team had great talent defending its posts. However, this goalkeeper list objectively doesn’t compare with what will come. Take a look at these goalkeepers who helped Brazil football team conquer the world over the years:






Internacional, Parma, Reggiana, Atletico Mineiro, Galatasaray

Julio Cesar


Flamengo, Inter Milan, Queens Park Rangers, Benfica



Internacional, AS Roma, Liverpool



Juventus, Portuguesa, Fluminense



Cruzeiro, Corinthians, AC Milan, Portuguesa, Gremio, Internacional



Corinthians, Santos


Of course, we rank the duo of Carlos and Cafu among the top. This is the best pair of fullbacks a FIFA World Cup has ever seen. They did magic for Selecao.





Roberto Carlos



Palmeiras, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Fenerbahce, Corinthians




Sao Paulo, Zaragoza, Palmeiras, Roma, Milan

Dani Alves



Sevilla, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Sao Paulo

Thiago Silva



Juventude, Fluminense, AC Milan, PSG, Chelsea




Internacional, Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Sao Paulo, Palmeiras

Djalma Santos



Portuguesa, Palmeiras, Atletico Paranaense




Flamengo, Benfica, Roma, Genoa




Cruzeiro, Monaco, Inter Milan, Man City, Roma

Nilton Santos





For our list of the best midfielders to play for Brazil national team, we included 11 names. With so many fantastic players who have won at least a Ballon d’Or, this is probably one of the most talented lists of players a national team can have.

But hold on, as it’s about to get crazier in the striker department, which comes next!








Gremio, PSG, FC Barcelona, Milan, Flamengo, Atletico Mineiro




Corinthians, Palmeiras, la Coruna, FC Barcelona, Milan, Olympiakos




Botafogo, Marseille, Cruzeiro, Portuguesa




Botafogo, Corinthians, Flamengo




Fluminense, Botafogo, Real Madrid, Sporting Cristal




Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Vasco, Pisa, Fiorentina, Stuttgart, Jubilo Iwata




Sao Paulo, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Orlando City




Corinthians, Fluminense, Al-Hilal




Flamengo, Udinese, Kashima Antlers




Flamengo, Botafogo, Sao Paulo, Fluminense




Botafogo, Corinthians, Fiorentina, Flamengo, Santos


If you thought our midfielder list was good, wait to see what comes next. We had to start with arguably one of the best footballers in history, the only Pele. Whether he scored 1000 goals or not, he is still in the running for the “GOAT” status.

However, the other players on this list are good company and can hang with him. So, let’s take a look:








Santos, New York Cosmos

Ronaldo Nazario



PSV, FC Barcelona, Internazionale, Real Madrid CF, AC Milan




Flamengo, Vasco da Gama, Deportivo, Botafogo




Guarani, Sao Paulo, Napoli, Kashiwa Reysol




Santos, Barcelona, PSG




Flamengo, Inter Milan, Fiorentina, Parma, Flamengo, Roma, Corinthians




America Mineiro, Cruzeiro, da Gama




Penarol, Vasco da Gama, Flamengo, Sao Paulo




Vasco da Gama, Atletico Madrid, Palmeiras

Brazil World Cup & South American History

Over the years, Selecao proved one of the more exciting to watch football nations in the world, producing thrilling Brazil World Cup fixtures repeatedly. Brazilians love to show their skills and have the right to do so, as Brazil national team is the most successful nation in history.

Selecao has five FIFA World Cups in its cabinet, two runner-up campaigns in 1950 and 1998, and two fourth-place finishes. If you want to rewatch exciting Brazil World Cup fixtures, look for the 2002 World Cup Final, where Ronaldo Nazario single-handedly set Germany to its silver medal, despite heroics from Oliver Kahn and under the watching of the legendary referee Pierluigi Collina. Although Selecao usually is the favourite, this wasn’t the case in the 2014 World Cup Semi-Final, where Brazil national team famously embarrassed itself in front of its fans in Belo Horizonte, being demolished by the same Germany 1-7. We consider this the most thrilling Brazil World Cup fixture and the perfect revenge for Die Mannschaft.

Moreover, Selecao is a force to be reckoned with in the main South American competition, Copa America. Brazil's national team won nine times in this competition and boasted an impressive record of twelve places, seven third places, and three fourth-place finishes. We can’t wait for another Brazil-Argentina encounter in Copa America!

More competitions like the Panamerican Championship and FIFA Confederations Cup also fell to the might of Selecao.

Now that we’ve discussed the mighty Brazil national team, it’s time to move on towards what matches we cover from Brazil football leagues. 

Brazil Women's National Football Team

Despite Brazil women's national football team being among the top female football teams in the world, we previously saw that not too many years ago, women weren’t even allowed to play football in Brazil.

However, the drama involving women playing football didn’t stop there. In 2017, a scandal hit Brazil women's national football team as its coach, Emily Lima, argued for more outstanding wages, respect and recognition for the country’s women athletes. 

Moving on to a more positive subject, the Brazilian women proudly represented their country, gaining two silver medals at the Olympics and finishing fourth in two instances.

Regarding the World Cup, Brazil women’s national team finished second in 2007 and third in 1999.

However, Copa America is a competition where Brazil women’s team always felt at home, winning the past four editions for eight trophies.

Brazil Football Fixtures & Games

As we previously saw, Brazil football fixtures offer many betting opportunities, whether from Serie A, Serie B, or Copa do Brasil. With so many historically successful teams in play that form thrilling rivalries, you will be in an ideal punting environment surrounded by fantastic Brazil football odds.

But will every match from those competitions be fully covered with previews, Brazil football odds, live scores and such? The answer is a loud YES!

Our team ensures Brazil football fixtures are at your doorstep and ready to be taken advantage of. All you have to do is follow our guidance, use our Brazil football odds, and enjoy your winnings!

It sounds bloody fantastic! 

Now, before you prepare to put to work our Brazil football odds, it’s time to cover our last topic for today, an equally essential one for every punter’s experience.

Brazil Results & Live Scores

There’s no need to reiterate how vital access to information is in betting. Therefore, our team ensures that you have all the necessary data at your disposal.

On top of that, the filters available will grant you easy access to any match or competition in Brazilian football you’d like.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to check out the Results and Live Scores section, which will be available at the top of the Brazil football page.

Bet on Football Responsibly

We end our endeavour to the Brazilian lands of football by covering one of the crucial parts of sports gambling by always betting responsibly.

We strive to put you in an environment where you can use our Brazil football odds safely. More and more punters spend money they can’t afford to lose and fall into the trap that eats their finances and mental health.

But we don’t want to go there. Thus, BetBrain comes with two steps to prevent you from slipping into the darkness of gambling addiction.

First, we like the idea of implementing a betting budget. If you never cross this limit, you ensure that funds stay in your pocket more than before. It also prevents spending money you don’t have.