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England Football Odds

England Football Leagues are the most powerful in the whole world, and this is reflected by the number of world-class players present in the top tiers of English football. Consequently, England Football Odds are the most searched thing between punters, and BetBrain is the perfect tool to bring you the most outstanding prices on English football.

England Football Leagues

The beginning of the sport of football is synonymous with the organisation of The Football League in England. After years of discussions, the Football Association permitted professionalism in 1885. 


The first season of the English championship started in September 1888 and finished in February 1889, Preston Borth End being the undefeated champions. This feat was only once repeated, in the 2003/04 season, when Thierry Henry’s and Dennis Bergkamp’s Arsenal managed to win the English championship with a “0” in the losses column.


Over the years, the format didn’t change much until the top clubs wanted to exploit the surging popularity of football in the country, leading to the creation of the Premier League.


Since 1992, when the changes were established, the pyramid of English Football Leagues took a new shape, as it follows:

This change brought more money from the TV clubs but more attention from the bookmakers as well. Now, the English football odds are by far the most popular among punters, and the search for the finest one is enormous.


This is why BetBrain can play such an essential role in a punter’s betting life since its odds comparison tool brings the best English football odds from hundreds of bookmakers. And the amounts of money involved are massive also because the volume of England football leagues bets is immense.


This is how at the end of 2020/21 season, 6 of the ten most valuable clubs in the world were English: Manchester United (4,25 bln $, Liverpool (4,1 bln), Manchester City (4 bln), Chelsea (3,8 bln), Arsenal (2,8 bln) and Tottenham (2,3 bln), with United and Tottenham being the most profitable in the world.


Even clubs like Everton (658 million), West Ham (508 mils) and Leicester (455 mils) are challenging European powerhouses like AC Milan, Inter Milano, Ajax and so on. The dominance of English football clubs is well reflected in the UEFA coefficients, where England holds the top spot for three years already. 


It’s no wonder that England Football Leagues still have room for improvement. The last auction for the TV rights in the Premier League brought 4,8 billion pounds for the three seasons that will be played between 2022 and 2025. 


And since the interest is so significant, one can imagine that the volume of bets placed on England Football Odds will only go up.


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