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Spain Football Odds

Spain football leagues are on the top of the world, and their popularity is still growing. Having said this, it’s clear that Spain football odds are what most punters are looking for. It might be hard to find the best prices with hundreds of bookmakers out there, but BetBrain will help you identify them.

Spain Football Leagues

Spain lives for football, and numbers are there to confirm it. In the most recent survey made at a national level, 75% of the Spanish people said they’d attended at least a football game in the last 12 months and that the same per cent is regularly watching football on the TV.


The history of Spain’s football leagues started a long time ago, in 1929 when the first season of the Spanish championship was played. However, the first professional club was established way earlier, in 1889, when Recreativo de Huelva was born. 


Sevilla FC was the next one in March 1890, and then Athletic Club was formed in Bilbao in 1898. The most important Spanish club,  Real Madrid and  FC Barcelona were created in 1902 and 1899, respectively. 


The big break came at the 1920 Olympics when Spain was able to win the silver medal, and so it fueled football’s popularity in the country. This is why just a few years later, in 1929, the first championship was played.


Now, the Spain football leagues pyramid is much more complex, and it’s organised as it follows:

  • La Liga (1st tier)
  • Segunda Division (2nd tier)
  • Primera Division RFEF (3rd tier, two groups)
  • Secunda Division RFEF (4th tier, five groups)
  • Tercera Division RFEF (5th tier, 18 groups)

At the moment, the Spanish first league sits in second place in the UEFA country rankings, just behind England, but for years it has dominated the European competitions. Along with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, clubs like Atletico Madrid and FC Sevilla won a fantastic 32 European trophies in the past 20 years (9 Champions Leagues, 11 Europa Leagues, and 12 European Supercups).


On top of this, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the most valuable football clubs in the world at the moment, with a market value of 5,76 billion dollars and 5,75 respectively. Atletico Madrid is in 13th place, being the last club to reach an evaluation of 1 billion dollars.


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