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Scotland Football Odds 

With its rich history, Scotland Football Leagues have always been one of the favourites for punters. Consequently, Scotland football odds have been long sought after, and one of the challenging tasks was to find the best prices available.  BetBrain throws a helping hand and, thanks to its odds comparison tools, can provide the finest Scotland football odds out of hundreds of bookmakers. 

Scotland Football Leagues

Scotland is the country with one of the longest documented football history. The sport is said to be played in the northern British country since the 15th century but was outlawed for hundreds of years until 1906.


Even so, the Sottish Football Association was formed in March 1873, which makes it the World’s second oldest national football association, after the one of England. At first, the teams were competing in friendlies and the Scottish FA Cup. Still, the newly created English Championship was drawing most of the talent from Scotland, which prompted the Scottish Football Association to take measures.


The discussions soon materialised into the creation of the Scotland Football League, which was played between 10 August 1890 and 12 May 1891. Dumbarton and Rangers finished on level points, and they drew the play-off match organised to determine a winner, and in conclusion, both were names champions.


The inaugural champions have followed a completely different path since then. If Dumbarton managers to win only one more title, in 1892, Rangers became the team with the most trophies won globally (55 championships, 33 Scottish Cups, 27 League Cups and one European Cup Winner’s Cup).


The other polarising figure in Scotland Football Leagues is  Celtic FC, the Rangers’ biggest rivals. The Celts have won “only” 51 championships, 40 Scottish Cups and 19 League Cups, but on the European level, they were the pioneers.


In 1967, Celtic became the first British club to win the European Cup when they managed to outlast Helenio Herrera’s Internazionale Milano.


Scotland football leagues have been reorganised in our era, and now the pyramid is looking like this.

  • Scottish Premiership (1st tier)
  • Scottish Championship (2nd tier)
  • Scottish League One (3rd tier)
  • Scottish League Two (4th tier)
  • The Football League (5th tier, two regional divisions)

At the moment, Scotland football leagues are well established in the European rankings. The UEFA countries’ coefficients top lists them on the 9th spot, ahead of solid football nations like Ukraine, Belgium, Serbia or Turkey.


On the national team level, Scotland doesn’t have the same level of quality, although they managed to perform better in the past few years. The Scottish representatives amassed 8 FIFA World Cup appearances, but they never went past the group stage. The last time they were present at the WC was in 1998, at Coupe du Monde.


In the European Championship, Scotland's national team had been present only three times. But the last one happened in the summer of 2021 when they didn’t manage to go past the group stage after they failed to win against England, Czech Republic and Croatia.


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